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Could you tell me range of value. Can anyone tell me how to check out the serial number printed inside. Hi, I have a Kay Archtop guitar and the model No.

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Kay archtop dating

Looking for another guitar like it. The unit is connected with the amplifier, chet hanks dating hazel which produces the tone and volume required of the instrument. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

There could well have been detail changes on trim and such along the life of the instrument. The neck looks like it's rosewood. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Single cutaway, round hole, free online dating sites singles teardrop pick guard. Stromberg-Voisinet Aero- uke c. This site is published by Hitsquad Pty Ltd.

Kay Guitar Identification

It's a great way to learn lutherie. Can anyone please help to identify a Kay guitar? Kay was a popular guitar manufacturer during the s through to the late s.

They were among the first guitars to use a humbucker type pickup, predating Gibson by some few years. By going through the catalogues, most guitars can be pinned down to within a couple of years. Kay manufactured guitars under several different brand names depending on the store that was selling them and the year they were manufactured, so they may be listed under names such as Sears. Kamico guitars were lower-priced versions of Kay's original guitars.

The Kay Guitar Company

  • Right now I am in the process of finding out what it's worth, then I will be selling it.
  • Kay eventually subcontracted its amplifier production to Chicago music industry rival Valco in the s.
  • The thing that sets it apart from the norm is the maple stripe running through the middle of the fret board.
  • On that note, could you send me some photos showing its condition inc.

This tone amplifier is electrically operated either by alternating or direct currents. Like their guitar manufacturing, the basses were hand crafted by skilled craftsmen using special ordered machinery. Any information such as manufacturer, year, and possible value is greatly appreciated.

Dating old truetone/kay archtop

How to Determine the Age of a Kay Guitar

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. However, there were truss rod and neck issues. Start with a slow walk on the beach Preferably at sunset only to end up at a quiet Bistro serving simple food and good wine. Without pics though, not much else that can be said. There are folks with info around these parts.

  1. Through research I found it was made by the Kay company.
  2. Kay flattop guitar played by Deacon John Moore.
  3. Scroll down for specific details about vintage Kay guitar models.
  4. Can someone please tell me what year my guitar is?
  5. Build in amplifier with speaker?
  6. Do not include any spaces in your answer.

Can anybody tell me anything about this guitar and it's value? How to Date a Hohner Acoustic Guitar. This was a Fathers Day gift to me.

It is a double F hole acoustic, with a floating bridge. Can anybody help me out with some info and pics? My boyfriend recently acquired a Kraftsman guitar, who but I am having trouble finding any info on one. My friend has an old craftsman electric guitar it belonged to his girlfriends grandpa has a number stamped inside was wandering what that number means. This section needs additional citations for verification.

She needs to feel comfortable with you and trust that you are comfortable with her. Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me anything about my guitar. The magic is in the give and take and the trust.

Stromberg-Voisinet Banjo Ukulele. Nothing really on flattops. Find all posts by Marshall. Related brand Silvertone instruments Airline guitar Teisco.

Help dating a Kay - The Acoustic Guitar Forum

Dating old truetone/kay archtop
Kay Guitar Identification

Was wondering if anyone could tell me what year and value of this guitar. Also the fretboard needs to be reglued onto the neck. The electro-magnetic pick-up is built within the instrument and is attached to its sounding board. How to Price a Used Guitar.

Help ID/Date old Kay acoustic

It comes in the original case. Does anybody know any history on this guitar and what it might be worth? This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Chicago Musical Instrument.

Either this a one of a kind, or I haven't found the right website. Originally Posted by Wade Hampton. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Make a list of its features.

Help ID/Date old Kay acoustic

Value Leader K played by festival singer Marcia Mello. Find all posts by vsantore. How to Search for a Guitar by the Model Number. This section does not cite any sources. Hey, if I could look at the photos I might be able to help.

Start with a slow walk on the beach preferably at sunset only to end up at a quiet bistro serving simple food and good wine. Excellent condition but I just can't pinpoint any information. Can not find any info on either and have been looking for years. It mass produced mostly inexpensive beginner's instruments, many of which were sold under store brand names such as Sears. Kay Musical Instrument Company is a musical instrument manufacturer of the United States, in operation from the to present day.

The number is on a golden sticker that looks old, on the back of the neck. This equation changes on a daily basis, and so no answer can be given to these questions other than saying check these links regularly, and watch how prices are evolving. The guitars featured art deco patterns. It had a blond top and sounded fantastic. If you look up this guitar on google, it could give you some hints of what type of guitar you have.

The Kay Guitar Company (Guitarsite)

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How to Determine the Age of a Kay Guitar

There may be other brands. Hope these links help you out, if you're still checking. Battery compartment has a repaired crack in plastic.

Does anyone have any information on this acoustic guitar? Does the guitar have F-holes or a pickguard? My grandfather gave it to my a few years back.

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